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Side Mounting DTS Series

2500 BTU/H

Part No. Ship Wt. lbs
Electrical Data DTS3041A115LG DTS3041A230LG
Rated Voltage 115 V 60 Hz 230 V 50/60 Hz
110 v 50 Hz
Range of Operation 103-127 V 207-253 V
Power Consumption 690 W 724 W
Running Amps 6.0 A 3.3 A
Starting Current 28 A 14.4 A
Line Cord With Plug With Plug
Refrigeration Data
Rated Capacity 2500 BTU/H (585 Watts)
Type of Refrigerant R134a
Regrigerant Charge 400 g
Adjustable Thermostat Factory setting +95°F (+35°C)
Max. Ambient Air Temp. +131°F (+55°C)
Min. Ambient Air Temp. +59°F (+15°C)
Air Capacity (unrestricted) Internal Circulation 191 CFM
External Circulation 88 CFM
Condensation Discharge Condensate Drain
Filter Mat Filterless
Db Noise Level <64 dB (A)
Unit Weight 51 lbs (23 kg)
Exterior Case Galvanized sheet metal
Finish RAL7035 light grey finish
NEMA Rating Enclosures IP 54/NEMA 12