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Air Conditioner Accessories

  • Filter Kits for DTS3XXX Series

    • Field install kit for Condenser Fan intake
    • Washable Aluminum mesh
    Part No. Description
    Filter kit for DTS30xx series
    Filter kit for DTS31xx series
    Filter kit for DTS31x 1SL/31x5 series
    Filter kit for DTS32xx series
    Filter kit for DTS32x5 series
    Filter kit for DTS33 xx series
    Filter kit for DTS35xx series
    Filter kit for DTS36xx series
  • Water Condensate Evaporator

    • High performance evaporation kit
    • Easy to retrofit on any cooling unit
    Part Number Description
    KVDTX Water Condensate Evaporator
    Technical Data
    Max. Water Volume 13.5 oz (400 ml)
    Evaporation Rate 3.4 oz/hr (100 ml/hr)
    Electrical Data
    Voltage(s) 230v /115v
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Voltage Range 100-240v
    Max. Power 125 W
    Power Range 20-110 W
    Nominal Current 0.5 A (230v) / 0.8 A (115v)
    Starting Current 1.3 A
    Zero Water Current 0.09 A (230v) / 0.18 A (115v)
    Mechanical Data
    Height x Width x Depth 3.35" x 10.35" x 4.00"
    Finish Stainless Steel
    Weight 2.6 lbs (1.175 Kg)